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Kyle Garzon

I am a student learning graphic design and film within South Florida. I have learned much of the Adobe Suite and am an Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop and Premiere..

A Preview of My Works

We Need a Hero Project

Motivational Speech made by students.

Two Opposing Sides

Animation made for school competition.

Buffalo Soldier Parody Video

Video made for parody purposes.

My Future Goals

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I have always been fascinated by animated films and videos. Once I actually learned to animate, my fascination grew. When I get older, I want to minor in digital arts.


Video Game Design

As well as being drawn to animation, I am also fond of video games. I would like to major in video game design later on in life.



I want to be able to go to a college or university so I can study animation and video game design. A scholarship is my goal for all of highschool.